Will an Electric Bike actually make you want to cycle more?

Electric bikes have been gaining ground in the UK cycling market, with more commuters and elderly people opting for the trouble-free mode of transport. Allowing the rider a less onerous way of cycling, does the electric model actually increase the amount of cycling? Or in other words, does an electric bike make you want to cycle more often and for longer periods of time?

The answer is yes! A study conducted by the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics showed that cyclers tend to travel twice as much on electric bikes. Increasing not only the number of kilometers but the number of daily trips using a bicycle.

The electric bike is thus a strong replacement for other motorized vehicles, with individuals opting to use their bikes instead of cars or motorcycles for their day-to-day activities.

You can cycle twice as far with the same effort

An electric bicycle obviously requires less pedalling than traditional models, allowing the rider to travel for longer periods of time without feeling strained or exhausted. This a major asset for non-cyclists, who may feel overwhelmed about the amount of exertion riding usually takes.

For cyclists aficionados the ability of pedalling further with less effort is a great incentive for taking the bike out much more frequently. Whether it’s for casual ride or for commuting purposes.

You can still get a great workout out of it

Many people perceive the electric bike as a “cheating” way of cycling, claiming it’s less healthy and does not count as physical activity with the motor doing half the effort.

Whilst it does demand less strain from the rider, using it for longer periods of time results in a great workout. And as opposed to a normal bicycle, you won’t have to be in top physical condition to use an electric bike.

You can reach your destination much faster

With the motorised assistance on electric bikes you can reach your destination much faster, which for commuters is a big plus.

Cycling to work has become increasingly popular in the UK, but it still means a few extra minutes of commute (and less minutes of sleep). With an electric bike you have access to all cycle routes but at a much higher speed, resulting in a faster mode of travel.

This way you are able to ditch the bus, car or underground and take your bike to work even if you’re running a bit late. Avoiding traffic, congested commutes and overcrowded public transports.

You can overcome road obstacles and hills more easily

A major concern for cyclists is road safety and whether their bikes are appropriate for or are capable to withstand certain paths.

Electric bikes ensure a greater level of safety, allowing the rider to quickly pull away from road junctions or roundabouts and easily go over hills and other elevations.

With more confidence on the vehicle, cyclists are more tempted to venture off and explore new places. Leading to an increase in cycling journeys and adventures.

You don’t have to wear “cycling appropriate outfits”

Cycling usually means having to wear spandex clothes or workout attire, as the physical activity causes sweating which can ruin other clothes.

Fortunately you won’t sweat on an electric bike, even if you put the same amount of strain as on normal bikes. As such, you won’t have to worry about having a spare set of clothes or showering at work. Which can be a burden for the majority of cyclists, keeping them from using the bikes on other circumstances besides sport.