Guide To Electric Bikes

Whether you’re 17 or 71 years old, there are extensive benefits to owning and using an electric e bike. Whether you commute to work on a bicycle and want to arrive sweat-free, or you just require some assistance for those knees that aren’t as strong as they once were, an electric e bike is great solution. Having one is like gaining an extra pair of legs that help you pedal and make your life a whole lot easier when travelling by bike.

Apart from being great fun to ride, compared to motorcycles and cars they a considerably cheaper method of transportation. If your sick of paying over the odd’s for the up keep associated with traditional transportation, then Electric E Bikes are a great solution.

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Benefits include:

Go Further

Improvements in technology now allow for greater distances to be achieved between charging. Spend more time riding and less time watching the battery.

Climbing Hills

Climb hills with ease. With the help of an electric motor mounted to the rear wheel, climbing hills easily become light work as the bike does all the hard work for you.

Road Safety

Electric e bikes allow you to quickly pull away from junctions or standing starts allowing you to keep up with other road users, improving your road safety.

Zero Emissions

Electric e bikes emit no emissions, helping reduce carbon emissions. For everyone one person who chooses to travel by e bike, one less car is on the road.


Does the thought of arriving to work fresh, without all the sweat and exhaustion sound appealing? An electric e bike does the hard work for you making this a thing of the past.

Running Costs

No drivers licence, insurance, MOT, or road tax is required to ride an electric e bike. Costing just pennies to run, when used for or regular journeys, the bike can quickly pay for itself.

Older Aged Riders

Older aged cyclists who wish to continue riding, but find that their bodies will no longer let them, can continue to do so with as little or as much assistance as they wish.

Recover From Illness

We all know that exercise and fresh air great helps our wellbeing. Powered pedals allows a rider to regain fitness gently, at their own pace, without hindering recovery.

Health Benefits

You still get the benefits of exercise when using an electric e bike. Our bikes offer adjustable levels of assistance giving you as much help as you require.

Lost Your Licence?

If you’ve lost your licence, either to ill-health, age or a driving ban, an electric e bike is a great way to get back on the road legally without need for a license.

Great Fun

This reason alone should be enough to convert anyone. Electric e bikes are without doubt a fun way to travel, the sensation of cruising effortlessly is great!

Turn Off The Motor

Turn off the power and you’ve got yourself a regular push bike. The lightweight aluminium frame means our bike can be ridden without assistance with ease!

Will I use my electric bike?

In 2012, 40 Bupa employees were given electric e bikes for 6 to 8 week periods in order to see if the bikes could change people’s commuting habits.

Results showed that 63% of the participants cycled more during the trial and 70% of them said that they would cycle more often if they had their own e-bike. Dr Sally Cairns, from the research team and working jointly at the Transport Research Laboratory and University College London on transport policy, said: “The proportion of participants who said they would cycle to work at least one day a week rose from 30% to 75% if they had an electric e bike available.”

To read the full article published by the Guardian, Click Here

lithium e bike battery 36volt 36 v 10ah lightweight

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