Why commuters should start cycling as soon as possible

Cycling commuters

As any London commuter will tell you, travelling to and from their workplace takes up a significant amount of time. A thirty minute journey is dreamed of, while any travel time up to an hour is expected. Add to this the issues of delayed trains, bus strikes and Britain’s inability to cope with weather that isn’t rain, and it isn’t hard to see how commuters regularly end up spending even longer travelling.

Cyclists however, tend to have a more consistent time. By utilising the network of cycle streets in London, it is easier than ever to navigate a safe route through London’s large volumes of traffic. There are numerous benefits to cycling to work, including fitness, comfort and financial savings.

Health and Fitness

The biggest reason why many choose to take up walking, running or cycling to work, is because of the health and fitness benefits. While travelling by car, bus or train leaves you stagnating in your seat or standing idle for long periods of time, any exercise – even light exercise, will help you to look and feel healthier.

The NHS advises that an adult needs ‘150 minute of physical activity a week’ in order to stay healthy. If you cycle to work for 30 minutes five days a week you would easily make up this amount. Alternative you could cycle three days and still have a couple of long walks at the weekend to stay healthy.

No tube delay or hot carriages

An inevitable complaint associated with public transport is delays. Even on a good day, the underground, overground and buses can be affected by a number of technical or unexpected incidents.

Then consider what happens when the weather gets particularly hot – because it does happen sometimes in Britain, and you’ll be forced in hot metal boxes full of other warm people, stuffed like sardines. Not pleasant.

If you instead start cycling, you will be able to leave on your own schedule and you’ll only be as warm as the day. The fresh air can be very cooling and you won’t have you mood affected by an uncomfortable journey. Buy an electric bike and you won’t even have to sweat your way to the office.

Low cost, easy maintenance

Perhaps most important for commuters, in terms of realistic finances, the cost of cycling for you (and the environment) is much lower. While a car comes with insurance, tax and costly repairs when something goes wrong, a bike is far cheaper.

If you want to opt for an electric bike, gaining the benefits of pedal assist to speed up your journey, then the Eco Expedition Electric Bike is for you. Our bike uses real mountain bike parts, meaning that it is easier to get replacement parts, such as when tires are punctured, from your local bike shop rather than having to use a specialist.