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Travel further and faster

Once you start turning the pedals, a powerful 250 watt motor kicks in and pedalling becomes easy. The eco Expedition makes every journey feel like you’re riding in tandem with an olympic athlete on the back!

The benefit of motorised assistance also allows you to maintain a higher average speed during your journey. This helps to drastically reduce journey times and allows you to take in more of the scenery. Imagine arriving at your destination faster and still full of energy.

Makes light work of hills

With a powerful motor doing all the hard work, your legs wont get tired anywhere near as fast compared to a regular bike. This allows you to ride longer than ever before covering much greater distances.

Switch between 5 levels of assistance whilst on the move to select how much help you want. Hills that are usually considered steep and intimidating are piece of cake with our motorised assistance. The assistance can also be turned off, allowing you to use the eco Expedition like a regular bike.

aluminium lithium mountain electric bike commuting commuters pedelec aluminium lithium mountain electric bike commuting commuters pedelec

Up to 35 miles range

The eco Expedition Electric Bike features a powerful lithium battery that is capable of assisting you up to 35 miles on a single charge.

A freewheel system fitted to the rear wheel prevents the motor from generating unwanted drag and resistance. This means the eco Expedition Electric Bike still performs like a regular pedal bike should you want to turn the assistance down, or off completely.


Intelligent LCD computer

Now a standard feature with our latest model, our bikes now feature an improved controller and LCD display. The LCD display provides the rider with essential information such as remaining battery life, total distance travelled, current speed, level of assistance selected, air temperature and more. The smart controller manages the power output and helps to deliver a smooth and natural riding experience.

The display also features a backlight that can be turned on or off when needed, ideal for night riding.

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Stylish design

Riding an electric bike doesn’t have to mean a compromise on style. With it’s striking design, the eco Expedition is one of the best looking e-bikes on the market.

A lightweight bottle battery means the standard wheel base of the bike can be maintained and weight is kept down to a minimum. Unlike some other electric bikes, the electronic cables are cleverly concealed within the frame which maintains a clean and crisp overall appearance.

A well equipped electric bike

Making the experience even better, the eco Expedition comes equipped with 21 Shimano gears and Shimano EZ fire levers. Adjustable front fork suspension provides a smoother ride, and both front & rear Tektro disc brakes provide improved braking.

An extra lightweight aluminium frame helps reduce the overall weight of the bike to approx 20.5kg, remarkable for an electric bike of this specification. Our bike also now features sealed bearings in both the headset and front wheel.

lithium e bike battery 36volt 36 v 10ah lightweight

Small but mighty

Weighing just 2.4kg our 10ah lithium battery offers both phenomenal range and performance. Fully charging a battery from empty typically costs less than 5p. With a range of up to 35 miles, journeys can be as low as 0.12p per mile. Travel smart and travel cheaply!


Easy to operate

Completely redesigned, our bike now features an updated and easy to use control panel mounted to the handlebar. Ergonomic design means everything is easy to reach and use whilst on the move.

The simplified controls can handle a range of tasks such as activate Cruise Control, change the level of assistance, operate walking assistant, turn the backlight on/off, cycle through the data on the LCD display and turn the bike on/off.

lithium e bike battery 36volt 36 v 10ah lightweight

Powerful 36v output

The eco Expedition Electric Bike features a powerful 36 volt system which gives this bike phenomenal pulling power when climbing hills. Higher voltage allows for greater torque and pulling power.

Our bike will greatly out preform a 24 volt electric bike, making lighter work of hills where other bikes can have difficulty. If you struggle with hills then this is the bike for you!

Here's what our customers think

“The Eco Expedition has got to be one of the best buys … both from the quality build and value for money. Purchased the bike for my wife, so she could keep up when tackling those long steep inclines. Makes cycling an enjoyable experience”
Kevin / Kent
“This bike is fantastic, it rides well and was really easy to build up … my father in law has a Cyclamatic and when he saw mine and had a go … he was amazed by the power. I can only say get one or get 2 if you can afford it ..you will not regret it”
Martin / Wirral
“I absolutely love my new bike. This is the 2km long slow hill I had to face every morning getting to work. It’s now a pleasure and great fun and turned a 20 minute walk into a five minute cycle. Extra 15 minutes in bed. I love my bike”
Kerry / Dunbartonshire
“I have only had the bike for a week but have been further on this bike than I have ever been on a bike for a long time. The extra power to get you up hills etc is just brilliant”
Patrik / Fife
“Still loving my bike. It’s given me so much more independence and made my 9 mile commute to work so much easier”
Matt / Kent
“The first ride brought a great big smile to my face … Have had the bike 2 weeks now and LOVE IT … My verdict, buy one!”
Graeme / Sussex

Full Specification

250 watt motor

Mounted to the rear wheel, a 250 watt brushless motor provides phenomenal levels of power to the rider. The motor is perfect for making light work of steep hills and long journeys allowing you to relax and enjoy the view.

Adjustable pedal assistance

A choice of 5 assistance settings lets you to decide exactly how much (or how little) assistance you require from the motor at any given time. Quickly switch between Low, Medium or High whilst on the move.

Up to 35 mile range

Offering a range of up to 35 miles from just one single charge of the battery, our bikes are more than capable of getting you to your destination and back with ease. Where would you go with yours?

LCD display

Recently introduced and mounted to the handlebars, a large screen LCD display shows useful data such as remaining battery life, distance travelled and speed. It even features a handy backlight.

Lithium battery

Providing power to the motor is a lightweight (yet powerful) 36 volt lithium battery. Lithium technology boasts both lighter weights and extended durability taking you further, for longer!

Fast charging

With a full charge taking between 4-6 hours, our lithium batteries wont leave you waiting for long before you’re back on the move. If you can’t afford to wait, a spare battery can be fitted in seconds (purchased separately).

Cruise Control

An innovative and exciting introduction, cruise control can be activated at the press of a button. Maintain your current speed (any speed under 15.5mph) without any need to pedal, perfect for cruising in open areas.

Walk assistance

In addition to cruise control, the eco Expedition now features a clever “walk assistance” mode. At the press of a button the bike will ‘walk’ you along the pavement or road effortlessly.

Quick release cable

The cable that feeds the motor features a quick release connection. Should you ever need to replace the rear tyre, the rear wheel can be removed far easier without fear of damaging the bikes circuitry.

Motor mounted to rear wheel

Research shows that the overall user experience on an e-bike is improved greatly when the motor is mounted to the rear instead of the front. Rear wheel drive offers greater traction when climbing hills or accelerating.

Hidden cables

Our bikes electronic circuitry is concealed neatly within the bikes lightweight frame. This helps to reduce the chances of electronic cables getting caught, snagged or damaged whilst on the move.

Weighs just 20.5kg

A heavy bike means less range from the battery, poor manoeuvrability and handling. Weighing approx 20.5kg (including battery) the eco Expedition electric bike is easily one of the lightest in its class.

Quality Shimano parts

Featuring quality Shimano EZ fire levers and Shimano Tourney gears, no compromise is made on quality. Ergonomically designed Shimano EZ fire brake and gear levers fit comfortably in the hand.

Sealed bearings

The eco Expedition now features sealed bearings in both the headset assembly and front wheel. We have also upgraded to Neco brand headsets which come pre-assembled and provide improved performance.

21 gears

A greater number of gears gives added flexibility when riding with or without powered assistance. Should you turn the motorised assistance off or run out of battery having the right gear makes life easier.

Adjustable front fork suspension

Featuring both pre-load and lock out adjustment, the front fork suspension on this bike helps to provide a smoother and more comfortable riding experience.

18 inch aluminium frame

Reducing overall weight significantly improves the overall performance and range of an e-bike. Our lightweight aluminium frame helps keep weight down to a minimum and helps the battery go further.

26 inch tyres

A larger tyre size means for better handling and stability. In addition, compared to smaller tyres, larger tyres need fewer rotations to travel the same distance giving you better efficiency from the motor.

lithium e bike battery 36volt 36 v 10ah lightweight

Spare batteries & chargers

Planning an expedition of your own and want additional range? Additional batteries are available for £259.99 or just £229.99 if purchased at the same time as a bike. We also offer additional chargers for £22.99, why not have one at home and one at the office?

eco expedition electric mountain bike

Electric E Bike mountain 36v 250w stylish good looking modern aluminium eco expedition bikes

Remarkable value!

We believe that a remarkable product should be available at a remarkable price! As part of our mission to make electric bikes available to more people, we don’t have any middle men which allows you to order from us direct. Without pricy dealer margins or showroom costs you can be sure you are getting a fair deal when you purchase your eco Expedition Electric Bike!

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