Eco Expedition Electric Mountain Bike e-bike 2

Book a test ride!

Thinking of purchasing an electric bike, but unsure if it will be right for you?

At eco Expedition Electric Bikes, we are more than happy for you to come and try before you buy.

Simply call us or email us to book an appointment. Giving us notice allows us to prepare a bike for a demo ride and ensure the battery has a full charge. Please be sure to read the following terms below before travelling to avoid disappointment.

Book a test ride!

Please give us notice when you’d like to have your test ride. This allows us to fully charge and prepare a bike in time for your arrival. Ideally no less than 24 hours notice. You may be refused a test ride if you do not.

Weather Dependant

Our test area is located outside. This means if there is heavy rain, snow, or localised flooding then a test ride will not be possible. Please call on the day of your test ride, before travelling, for confirmation.

Valid ID

For security purposes, we require anyone who wishes to test ride our bikes to provide us with valid, in date, photo identification. This can be either a passport or UK drivers licence. No other forms of ID will be accepted.

Suitable Clothing

Occasionally our site can get muddy and dusty in areas. With the light mud potentially flicking up at you, we advise against wearing your best clothes! No loose fitting trousers that may get caught in the chain.