How an e-bike can save you money

There are numerous benefits to using e-bikes as opposed to alternative transport. Aside from the positive impact they can have on the environment and the cyclist’s health, e-bikes can save you a significant sum of money.

The cost of living is getting more expensive as a result of inflation so for many money-saving methods are always welcome. Here are several ways in which an Eco Expedition Electric Bike can help to save you money.

E-bikes are much cheaper in the long term

Electric bikes provides a cheaper alternative to other forms of transport, such as a car. The Eco Expedition Electric Bike currently costs £739.99, compare that to the average used car which will cost about £7622 and that is before insurance and fuel costs.

AA figures for petrol or for diesel suggest that the cost of running a car, including fuel, servicing and tolls is between £0.25 and £2.11 a mile. An e-bike can travel the same distance for around £0.14.

Other popular methods of transport such as trains and buses carry travel costs that e-bikes do not. In London, the average yearly travelcard which enables travel on underground, overground and bus services costs £2,257.

E-bike users are also not required to pay road tax and insurance is not obligatory, although it might be wise to make sure your bike is insured against theft or damage.

Eliminate parking and fuel costs

Fuel and parking fees push the daily running costs for cars and motorbikes. UK motorists spend an average of £2,256 each year on fuel. An e-bike can be fully charged, from empty, at a cost of less than 5p with the full battery lasting for up to 35 miles.

In places like London, where congestion charges apply, e-bike users are exempt from them. The cost of parking also does not apply to e-bike cyclists. Parking a car can be frustrating if you can’t find a suitable space and can be expensive, particularly if you’re parking for a lengthy period of time. Parking an e-bike is free and relatively easy.

E-bikes provide cheap recreational opportunities

When you aren’t using your e-bike to save money, there are plenty of picturesque cycling routes of varying difficulty in the UK for you to explore. An advantage of having an e-bike as opposed to a regular bike is that the difficult routes become much more manageable with the support of the electric motor should you need it.

The electric motor’s job is to incorporate both pedaling power and the motor power and so exercise is augmented rather than replaced. Regular exercise is beneficial to both physical and mental health and could save you a lot of money in the long term by keeping yourself fit and healthy.