London’s first “cycle-in” office unveiled

In the new Alphabeta building, a refurbishing of the historic Triton Court in London, is the capital’s first “cycle-in” office. By introducing a unique cycle ramp into the building, bicycle mounted employees can enter the basement level to bike storage in moments.

The motivation for this new initiative is based on Alphabeta’s targeting of a lower energy rating by utilising an innovative list of features.

While the centrepiece of the eco-mission is the cycle ramp, leading to bike storage, relaxation facilities and a basketball court, the building’s overall energy demand is lowered by other areas. For example, Alphabeta have introduced an advanced lighting system, glazed roof and used renewably sourced timber in their construction.

For the electric bike rider, this type of cycle-in office has a number of benefits.

Prepare for the cycle revolution

London appears to be doing more and more to make it easier and safer for cyclists, for example TFL’s Cycle Safety Action Plan which aims to increase cycling amongst Londoners whilst reducing the number of cycling related incidents. So there’s more reason than ever to give cycle commuting a go.

There’s a good chance that other companies will follow suit if Alphabeta’s revolutionary cycle ramp is successful in increasing cycle commuting within their building.

A workforce that cycles to work benefits their company because it improves productivity, keeps employees healthy and therefore happy, and is a cost-effective means of getting to work.

Encouraging cycle commuting

Cycling to work is one of the most sustainable forms of transport. Not only that, but cycle commuting is a great way to encourage employees to stay healthy and save money on transport and parking.

Alphabeta aims to encourage cycling to work amongst its tenants by providing a secure bicycle storage facility, fit for 210 bikes, and a dedicated entrance ramp that allows users to cycle directly into the building.

The architect Dickon Hayward has called it the “first cycle-in building in london” and has commented that “cycling is really important to the tenants that we have here and what we think is the new [way] of getting around the city.”

The building was refurbished to accommodate a new generation of office worker. An office worker concerned with the environment, their health, and the cost of travel.

How an Eco Exhibition Electric Bike can help

If you’re keen to cycle to work but worried about how a lengthy journey to and from the office will affect you, buying an Eco Expedition Electric Bike can make all the difference.

While some electric bikes use a moped style motor to power your ride, our eBike uses pedal assist. By adding power to your pedalling, your journey becomes easier and faster.

If you are finding that muscle weakness is affecting your mobility, or simply don’t fancy turning up to work all hot and bothered, then an electric bike will help to reduce strain and pressure.

Electric bikes with pedal assist also don’t stop you reaping the health benefits of a cycle commute. An assistance selector gives you a choice of 3 levels of assistance, meaning that you can choose how much help you want when pedaling. There’s nothing to stop you getting fit, but there’s also nothing to stop you getting a little help whilst pedaling up a particularly steep hill.

With exciting new developments in cycle friendly architecture and design, the introduction of cycle safety schemes, and the accommodating features of the Eco Expedition Electric Bike, anyone can experience the benefits of a cycle commute.