234 new electric bikes made available for the UK public

Paid for by the Department of Transport, costing £700,000, e-bikes are being distributed across 10 locations in the UK. The new influx of electric bikes to the Boris bike family is aimed at encouraging cycling among those who don’t regularly cycle or who live in hilly areas.

The new project aims to come into effect in March 2016 with bikes being distributed across cities in the south. The following locations are receiving ebikes:

  • Bristol – 24 electic bikes at “workplace hubs”, operated using a self-service card system.
  • Eastbourne – 20 ebikes will link the University of Brighton campus (one of three in the Brighton area) with Eastbourne train station.
  • Exeter – 22 bikes will be added to railways stations and business parks in this University city.
  • Hebden Bridge – 15 electric bikes are being supplied for locals to hire from the Hebden Bridge Alternative Energy Centre
  • Plymouth, Rotherham, along with the Isle of Wight, the New Forest and various housing estates in the east will recieve between 16 and 70 electric bikes.


Each of the ebikes being supplied will operate with pedal assist – which helps riders by adding extra power to each pedal. Similar to the Eco Expedition Electric Bike, pedal assist encourages riders to cycle by helping them with the difficult parts of cycling, hills and long distances, without doing the work for them.

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