Visit The Most Picturesque Places In The UK By E Bike

From the rugged terrain of the Isle of Arran to the picturesque countryside of rural Kent, the United Kingdom is an oasis for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

Cycling has long been considered one of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of the countryside. Now, more and more people are able to experience it firsthand due to the growing use of electric bikes in the UK.

E-bikes provide a chance for the elderly or cyclists recovering from injury to remain in the saddle, as well as for inexperienced riders to tackle more physically challenging routes.

Electric bikes, such our  Eco Expedition Electric Bike, are increasingly being used for more challenging routes. This is due to their reduced weight and increased battery life. If plugged in for only 4-6 hours the e-bike can travel up to 35 miles before needing to be recharged.

With that in mind here are three excellent locations to experience with an e-bike:

Snowdonia, Wales


The 2012 London Olympics and the success of Brit Bradley Wiggins in the Tour De France 2012 caused the sport’s popularity to skyrocket.Eager cyclists from the UK and beyond are now racing to Wales to try their hand at some of the country’s most breathtaking cycle routes.

Snowdonia, a region in the north of Wales, has a multitude of options for keen cyclists. The area boasts seven tailor-made family cycle routes as well as opportunities for more challenging mountain-biking routes through the forests and mountains.

The Cairngorms, Scotland

Britain’s highest mountain range offers a huge array of rivers, lochs and native forests to explore, as well as providing some fantastic cycling routes.

The National Cycle Network almost completely covers the Cairngorm National Park. This even includes 64km of off-road cycling.

E-bikes are a fantastic way to tackle the area’s more intimidating cycling challenges, and a great way to reach the locations with the most spectacular views. For longer routes e-bikes enable inexperienced cyclists to ride further, and to conquer steep hills with less exertion.  An increasing e-bike network means that there are a number of charge points throughout the area for cyclists in need of a top up!

The Lake District, England


The Lake District National Park is home to England’s highest mountain and boasts some of the most stunning scenery in the UK. It is home to breathtaking lakes and valleys and a huge array of local wildlife.

There are options here for some less challenging cycles that weave their way through country lanes or a number of mountain-biking routes ranging from beginner levels to those that are more challenging.
The Lake District’s website recommends a number of routes varying in difficulty and type.The established e-bike network also means that visitors in need of more power can find regular charging points in the area.