Electric Bikes FAQs

Eco Expedition Electric Bikes tackles some frequently asked questions, from those new to ebikes and those who’ve got misconceptions about how good they can be.

How do they work?

E-bikes contain a battery pack which can be easily removed and charged in any mains outlet. The power from the battery can be used with pedal assist, where the rider’s own pedaling is supported by the motor.

Some electric bike also utilise a throttle function which can be used for quick bursts of speed and does not require the rider to pedal.

Are they easy to maintain?

The high-quality 10ah lithium batteries used for the Eco Expedition Electric Bike provide plenty of life and can be charged many times. Our e-bikes are made from standard bicycle parts which can be easily and affordably replaced.

Are they eco friendly?

While not quite as eco-friendly as a standard bicycle, e-bikes are far superior to motorbikes and cars in this regard. They release no emissions and the environmental effects of producing (and disposing of) electric powered batteries is negligible by comparison.

How do they compare to motorbikes?

Unlike a motorbike an e-bike does not require a driving license, MOT, or payment of road tax to ride. E-bikes run on electricity as opposed to fuel, therefore the noise pollution and fuel emissions that plague motorbikes are not an issue.

The maximum legal speed of an e-bike in the UK is around 15.5mph. Comparatively, any two wheeled vehicle with a ‘maximum design speed over 28mph’ requires L plates and a learner licence.

Does it look like clunky and oversized?

Eco Expedition Bikes, unlike other e-bikes, have integrated cables, a discreet battery pack and lightweight mountain bike frame, making them one of the most aesthetically pleasing e-bikes on the market.

What are the facts and figures specs for an eBike?

  • After charging the battery for only 4-6 hours the user can travel up to 35 miles on the bike before needing to recharge.
  • Due to the lightweight aluminium frame, our Eco Expedition Electric Bike’s overall weight is far less than that of regular e-bikes, coming in at only 20.5kg
  • Eco Expedition Bikes are made with high-quality Shimano parts.  
  • While most e-bikes use relatively heavy batteries the Eco Expedition Bike battery weighs only 2.4kg

How can an e-bike benefit me?

E-bikes are an easy and fun way to exercise while being environmentally aware. They can be used to commute to work, for returning to cycling after injury, or even to explore challenging cycle routes in your local area.

Comment below if you have any pressing electric bike questions, or contact us for a test ride!